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The first seed was planted with a vision from the Maker.

Their first meeting was in a little town tavern wrought with danger.
Their first battle followed shortly after.

The first story she told was of Andraste and the sad failure of mankind's faith.

His first gift was a little flower, its fragrance strong and sweet that he found outside of Redcliffe.

The first night they spent together was on watch with the red glow of the embers and the brilliant stars as their companions.

Their first hug came after the Fade as they embraced each other joyfully, happy to be alive and free.

His first sign was when he touched her hand and felt a spark travel through his whole body, though he did not realize what it was at the time.

The first scare came with a hurlock's lucky blade, and he spent several hours in worried agony while Wynne worked to save her.

Her first song came after their visit to the Dalish, and its beauty caused his mind to finally acknowledge what his body and soul had been screaming for months.

Their first kiss, brought forth by said song, would remain in his mind the best that he ever experienced then and since.

Their first fight happened when he refused to take her into the Deep Roads.
The first of many victories went to her.

Their first lovemaking was awkward and challenging, but she was a good teacher, and he was eager to learn of women.

The first meeting with his family did not go well, for their love represented a betrayal of his people. But in time their relationship was accepted.

Their first tears came after the Landsmeet when a furious Alistair turned his back on those who needed him. They sat in silence and wept, for they had both come to love the templar as a brother and friend.

His first lie was Morrigan.

Her first letter came nearly a month after he arrived at Vigil's Keep. He read it in his office and the words warmed his heart.

Her first visit to the rebuilding Vigil was a pleasant surprise for the Commander of the Grey. He was not seen outside his rooms for two full days.

Their first trip was taken after his resignation, and they went exploring all the nations of Thedas, even venturing to lands beyond the Frozen Seas.

Their first real home they built in Chantile, and there they hid themselves from the world.

Their first child was in fact two, a welcome blessing from the Maker after 15 years of barren struggle.

His first nightmare came as he dozed outside on the tavern porch. He pulled her close and she sobbed into his chest.

The first time he said "goodbye" and meant it was at gates to the Deep Roads.

His first love, and it lasted a lifetime.
Just some random spur-of-the-moment fluff about Tyrus and Leliana Tabris (they exchanged vows before the Maker, so legality and racism be damned, THEY'RE MARRIED). I've actually been working on a fic about their life as tavern owners in Orlais, but I've been having some problems with the middle bits (isn't it always the middle bits?). Then in my general writer's block frustration and the overwhelming desire to avoid tackling my mountainous piles of school work, I came up with this thing.


Leliana, despite my darkest desires, is the property of BioWare. Tyrus is mine to abuse explore as I will.
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