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I tried to be merciful!
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Ascension by Contractor815
Mature content
Ascension :iconcontractor815:Contractor815 0 1
Undisclosed Desires
We pass in the dark
And like fools never declare
Our undying love
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 9 2
A Meeting on the Mount
Arl Dumat had long been considered cursed by the western Orlesians. No civilized person would ever catch themselves climbing that dreadful peak. Yet on this cold, gray morning two figures were slowly ascending the slope, driven by adventure or madness or some sinister purpose.
One figure was clad in heavily stylized armor, which one might consider impractical except for the thousands of scratches marking it as battle-tested. A large pack was strapped to her back and various things dangled from beneath it. The other figure was wrapped in thick furs, though the quivering of the body beneath betrayed the skins' ineffective nature.
The fur-wrapped figure collapsed to the ground. The armored figure rushed over, the items on her back clanging together as she moved.
"Merrill!" shouted Tyria in fear. She gently cradled the Dale in her arms as the Staff
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 9 16
Firsts Among Many
The first seed was planted with a vision from the Maker.
Their first meeting was in a little town tavern wrought with danger.
Their first battle followed shortly after.
The first story she told was of Andraste and the sad failure of mankind's faith.
His first gift was a little flower, its fragrance strong and sweet that he found outside of Redcliffe.
The first night they spent together was on watch with the red glow of the embers and the brilliant stars as their companions.
Their first hug came after the Fade as they embraced each other joyfully, happy to be alive and free.
His first sign was when he touched her hand and felt a spark travel through his whole body, though he did not realize what it was at the time.
The first scare came with a hurlock's lucky blade, and he spent several hours in worried agony while Wynne worked to save her.
Her first song came after their visit to the Dalish, and its beauty caused his mind to finally acknowledge what his body and soul had been screaming
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 6 3
Who do you turn to
When your dreams turn to cold dust
And love runs away?
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 7 3
Take a Bow
There once was a strange little man,
Who went by the name of Dan.
And this funny little thing,
Wanted to be a king,
So he enacted a cunning plan.
He went to a very good school,
And learned all the nice laws of rule.
But his belief was fake,
And his own creed he would make,
Anyone who believed him, a fool.
He became a powerful lord,
Skilled with industry, finance and sword.
And one day came the desire,
To set his world on fire,
The reason? He simply was bored.
So he brought his planet under heel,
With cruelty, malice and steel.
And the people cried out,
With a resounding shout,
"Why have you forced us to kneel?"
But Dan ignored all their cries,
And forced loved ones to say last goodbyes.
He sent thousands to their deaths,
And with their last breaths,
They cursed Dan's thieving and lies.
Now everything lies dead and cold,
No more songs sung or happy tales told.
So good sir, take a bow,
And think about how,
You've ruined the world for your gold.
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 3 2
Simple Gifts
Nara Mahariel was freezing her ass off.
Wearing her Wade-Wear™ pea coat had seemed like a brilliant idea that morning, but the windless, clear day had given way to a breezy, snow-filled evening. Fortunately her car was parked only four blocks away from the office and since the snow hadn't been falling for long she could probably still drive home.
It was Yulemas Eve and despite the holiday, Nara had elected to go into work. Politics never slept, and this was especially true for the Dalish embassy. On Tuesday the Landsmeet would hold hearings on the current state of elven equality; an upcoming trade negotiation with Kal'Hirol was scheduled on Thursday; on Friday the First Enchanter of Tevinter would be meeting with the Society of Elvish Magi to discuss opening a satellite school in the Brecilian Forest. Working today and Yulemas would ensure that when the embassy reopened on Monday, everything would be up to speed.
Besides, it's not like she had anyone to go home to…
Stop be
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 24 16
To this I resolve
That I will be Love's master
Not its feeble bitch
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 5 0
Apocalypse Please
She walks along the river's edge
The waters black and foul with sludge
No life to be found within their depths
The sun hangs high above the world
Its light blood-red and ominous
Not much heat to be found in its cold gaze
Her shoes are barely holding together
The sharp obsidian underfoot tears into the soles
Finding a way into calloused flesh
Her belly rumbles and her throat burns
She wills them both to silence
Lest their desires utterly consume her
Barren, lifeless, hopeless
That is the world she lives in
If one can call it living
A rare breeze kisses her cheeks
Surprised, she turns her eyes above
To gaze at the unflinching heavens
And with a wry smile
She prays to whatever gods there may be
To start the apocalypse please
Because mankind's already dead
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 7 3
The Groove
The rhythm of the dance brings your body to its peak.
The rhythm of your heart leads the tapping of your feet.
The rhythm of your mind moves too fast, is too fleet.
The rhythm of your soul flutters for the one you seek.
The rhythm of your love is a slow and steady feast.
The rhythm of your hate is a wild and angry beast.
The rhythm of the world goes alone on repeat.
The rhythms of the Groove are the ones you can't defeat.
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 7 3
DAO Meme - Tabris by Contractor815 DAO Meme - Tabris :iconcontractor815:Contractor815 8 4
Exogenesis Symphony
During an excavation on the seventh moon of Ciresta Prime (Ker system, Zeus Arm, Preylar Galaxy) neoarchaeologist Preynard Grist (5173-5491) discovered the remnants of an ancient musical score. This is the letter and cover page he found attached to the score.
Dear Elira,
At last! It's finished! I've been working on this project for nearly 60 years and I'm finally ready to bring the Exogenesis to life.
I've completed my revisions to the score and diagrammed all the scenes. Rayvon has found a suitable solar system approximately 12 light years away that can be used to stage the premiere performance. I could not convince any of the planetary systems in that region to embroil themselves in bitter civil war, but I pulled some strings and General Fin now has the entire population of Garvitan VII ready to scream, sing, moan; anything really, on demand. Holograms, speakers and subspace transceivers will have to do the rest. Oh well, few things nowadays are completely authentic. I'm surprised
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 3 9
First kiss, last kill
Calming tea, action thrill
Sunny days, fresh snow
Vanquished weeds, seeds to grow
Two lovers' touch, a prisoner set free
Building a car, climbing a tree
Little red dress, faded blue jeans
One small success, endless dreams
Love and hate, that and this
These are the things that give us bliss
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 7 4
The night goes onward
But my thoughts are lodged like stone
Spinning round one central point
A carousel of fear and doubt
Six strings seek to soothe my soul
But the hands that pluck them are my own
So emotion and voice are lost
Only precision, calculation guide my fingers
I think about the two of us
Me and you, now soon three
What have we done here?
What foolishness wrought?
In this life we have conceived
I remember our first meeting
You were broken, needing, wanting
I became your refuge and your life
You needed saving, and so I saved you
And now our child is coming
But we aren't ready
Then again, who is ever ready?
No books or words can ever prepare you
For a parent's loving duty
The last note dies away
I glance upon your sleeping frame
The dark tresses on the pillow
Your swollen belly outlined in the sheets
And my worries start to fade
I lay my guitar down and creep into bed
The creaks I make whisper of money and sex
As I wrap my arms around you
I can feel the warmth of your body
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 8 5
drumming on keyboard, he keeps pressing Start as
nearly as fast as his beating heart and the
blood in his veins cannot contain the
endorphins and dopamine that are drowning his brain
"little screenager boy why won't you come out?"
the girls all scream and the boys all shout
but he doesn't hear them, oh no no no
over his ears his headphones must always go
like sugar or sex; crack and acid too
the e-void always has something new
some tidbit to read, something sordid to see
don't bother with chains; he doesn't want to be free
he makes many masks to hide his true face
some good, some bad, some with bite, some with grace
all his choices of self, all the ways he can go
the poor lad's lost himself and he doesn't even know
his family below, he knows what concern they share
but to drag them through his darkness wouldn't be fair
and those digital phantoms, his friends indeed
give him all the love he could ever want or need
so he'll type for you, friend, this screenager boy
while he clutches the
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 4 5
Eternally Missed
Inspired by the B-side of the same name from Muse's single Hysteria.
No one could remember the last time it snowed in Rose Hollow, but the frozen precipitate continued to fall for days on end. The schools closed, stores locked their doors and the town went into an almost comatose state. Not that being a ghost town was anything new to the sleepy little outlet - it was home to the largest collection of cemeteries in the county, scattered throughout the many hills of the Hollow.
On one such hill stood the Maple Crest Cemetery, the smallest and least-attended. Situated next to a thick copse of namesake maples, the graveyard contained roughly 20 headstones and was lucky to get even one visitor a year. Its caretakers were Alex Kingston and Jefferson Crawford, who only kept up with the site as a matter of civic pride and the fact that it supplemented their meager incomes. When Kingston died and was buried there, however, Crawford refused to step foot in the place ever again. It brought
:iconcontractor815:Contractor815 3 6

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